Webinar: Allies for Gender and Racial Equality

Friday, January 22, 2021 | 1 - 3 p.m.

The Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Center for Violence Prevention, University of Northern Iowa will host a webinar featuring Daryl Fort, National MVP Strategies trainer. Mr. Fort will be joined by state and national thinkers, educators, advocates and practitioners as they discuss and share what it means to be an ally in support of gender and racial equality. This webinar will focus on strategies for secondary schools and agencies who serve teens and adolescents.


Daryl Fort is a leadership and organizational development consultant, racial justice and gender violence prevention activist, speaker and educator. He served 14 years as a political and public policy advisor to a former US Congressman and Governor of Maine. Daryl worked extensively to facilitate leadership and violence prevention training to professional and collegiate athletes and executive leaders in North America, Eastern Asia, Europe, Iraq and Australia.  

Guest Panelists

Brad Rose, Director of Activities and Athletics for the West Des Moines Community School District; Kimberly Fitten, Assistant Principal, Liberty High School, Iowa City School District; Ras Smith, State Representative, Iowa House District 62; Jennifer Jacobsen, Director of Sexual Violence Prevention Education at Macalester College, MVP master trainer; Jordan Mix, Deputy Director of Education at Iowa Safe Schools; and Andy Winkelmann, Academic Coordinator, University of Iowa Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS).


Please register by filling out the form below. All registered participants will receive a Zoom webinar access link and password prior to the webinar on Friday, January 22, 2021.