Latest News on Proposed Funding for Governor's Office on Bullying at UNI

In a recent Waterloo Courier article, comments and perspectives on future funding for the Governor's Office on Bullying Prevention were discussed. Six months after it was created, the governor’s anti-bullying office already has helped produce legislation that soon will become law, helping bullied Iowa students who transfer schools and wish to participate in extra-curricular activities.

The office’s director hopes it can continue to make an impact but says accomplishing some of its goals will require state funding that is not yet in the pipeline.

After three years of pushing anti-bullying measures that never passed the Iowa Legislature, Gov. Terry Branstad in September 2015 struck out on his own, creating via executive order the Governor’s Office for Bullying Prevention, housed within the University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Violence Prevention at 309 Sabin Hall on campus.