Tomson Internship Scholarship - Spring 2020

The Center for Violence Prevention (CVP) is accepting applications for the O. Jay and Patricia Tomson Internship Scholarship for spring 2020. The CVP offers financial support to CSBS students who are undertaking internships in violence prevention and/or victim service agencies directly, or who are serving or working with such issues indirectly at the program or policy levels.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship include: academic achievement (3.0 GPA or better); enrollment in a declared undergraduate major or graduate program in CSBS; enrollment in an internship course associated with a major in CSBS; and successful completion of prevention training conducted by the CVP.

Internships should be at the upper/senior level or associated with a program of study leading to the graduate degree. The deadline for application is Jan. 9, 2020.

Questions regarding the scholarship and/or application procedures can be directed to Alan Heisterkamp or Michael Fleming at the Center for Violence Prevention, 309 Sabin Hall, or by calling the CVP at 273-3545.

Spring 2020 Application