Iowa Men's Action Network

For further information please contact:

Michael Shaw
Co-Director Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services
318 5th St. SE
Cedar Rapids, IA  52401
319-365-1458 ext. 156

Alan Heisterkamp, Ed.D.
Director, Mentors in Violence Prevention Leadership Institute, Chair, IowaMAN
Center for Violence Prevention
319 273 3545


We envision a community where men are actively engaged in confronting men's violence against women and girls and all its forms, and where all members of society are engaged in promoting healthy, peaceful, and respectful relationships.


As an organization, we will eliminate men's violence against women and girls by pursuing knowledge from those most affected by it.  As a call to action, we will work to inspire all men of Iowa to partner with women to promote healthy and respectful relationships in their homes, neighborhoods, and the community, to model peaceful and respectful behaviors with each other, and to empower our youth with similar tools and skills necessary to live and expect a lifestyle free from abuse.Beliefs & Principles

  • Working together, men and women can eliminate men's violence in our communities.
  • Coercive violence, in all forms, is wrong.
  • Most men are not violent, yet most physical violence is perpetrated by men.
  • Men perpetrate most violence against women and girls.
  • Men's silence in the face of violence acts to condone it.
  • Most men want the knowledge and skills to help eliminate violence.
  • Men can and should work to eliminate men's violence against women and girls.
  • Men can and should work to eliminate men's violence against other men and boys.
  • Men are role models.
What does it mean to be a supporter?

Any individual who is supportive of the Vision, Mission and Belief and Principles of IowaMAN may join the group.  As a supporter you will join a newsletter mailing list. This will give you updates about initiatives around the state, opportunities to get involved, new resources, and more. We respect group members and their inboxes by limiting the number of e-mails, however joining this listserv can be a place for you to connect with and ask questions of other men passionate about violence prevention.

What does it mean to be a member?

As a member of IowaMAN it is expected that members represent their support of our mission through actions and deeds, and do not engage in professional and personal actions that are in contrast to this. Members attend monthly conference calls and quarterly in person meetings to discuss issues of violence prevention and ways to promote and further our cause. Members are able to vote and run for office.
To become a member or supporter contact us at: