SAVEUNI SAVE (Students Advocating for Voices and Equality) is a student-led group that works to create conversations that explore social justice here at UNI and in the Cedar Valley. Our group seeks a more equitable environment, inclusive of all people, through activism and advocacy. We use dialogue, workshopping, storytelling, and performance to facilitate community engagement in social change. In addition to our performances and workshops we strive to pair with other organizations on campus and in the community to create a safer environment for all.

Recently we put on a workshop for over 600 first year students discussing some of the current issues we’re having on campus including LGBT acceptance and inclusion, racism awareness and prevention, and sexual assault awareness and support. We presented an awesome video by Senior Mason Greer depicting a typical act of racism on our campus to show that it is still very much a problem on college campuses and it definitely happens here.

For more information on the latest ,  visit the UNI SAVE website at: http://www.uni.edu/commstudies/uni-save