A Few Photos from the Y Factor Conference

keynote speaker Bob Bowlsby Bob Bowlsby, Big 12 Commissioner, addresses the luncheon guests at Y Factor Iowa: Men Leading by Example
Keynote speaker and audience at Y Factor conference L to R, Bob Bowlsby, Alan Beste (Iowa High School Athletic Association) and Brian O'Connor (Futures Without Violence)
people on stage at conference L to R, Josh Jasper (Riverview Center), Jacob Oppenheimer (University of Iowa), Tess Cody (Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence), and Alan Heisterkamp (UNI).  Y Factor Iowa Panel Discussion
Y Factor Conference L to R, Troy Dannen (UNI), Brian O'Connor, Bob Bowlsby, and Alan Heisterkamp, Y Factor Iowa
Y Factor conference L to R, Bob Bowlsby, Karen Smith (Verizon), Annette Lynch (UNI) and George Erwin (Verizon)