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Alan Heisterkamp, Ed.D.

Dr. Alan HeisterkampDirector of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Leadership Institute, Center for Violence Prevention, University of Northern Iowa

Alan Heisterkamp, Ed.D., is an independent education consultant, and president/CEO of Cultivating Minds, Inc.  Dr. Heisterkamp holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics secondary education, master’s degrees in educational psychology and counseling, and educational leadership, and a doctorate degree in secondary education administration with an emphasis in organizational leadership and evaluation.  

For the past four years, Dr. Heisterkamp has been deeply involved in research studies of two initiatives, the Sioux City Project and Coaching Boys into Men.  The Sioux City Project is a collaborative effort between the Sioux City Community School District and the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention.  Approximately 5000 middle school and high school students are being assessed over a four-year period to determine the extent to which gender violence prevention programming and social media impact attitudes and perceptions with regard to how wrong they believe violence and bullying to be, how often they observe these behaviors, how likely they and others are to intervene, and how often they recognize adults talking to them about violence and bullying being wrong.  Coaching Boys into Men was developed as a gender violence prevention program by the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention to engage male, athletic coaches as mentors and provide them a framework for discussions around masculinity, respecting women and girls, and pro-social bystander behavior with their respective athletes. 

Dr. Heisterkamp collaborates and consults with several secondary and post-secondary institutions in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota on systemic approaches to address violence and bullying awareness, primary prevention strategies, and program implementation.  He has presented at several state and national conferences on topics such as bullying and gender violence prevention, student leadership and bystander education, engaging men and boys in violence prevention, and teen dating violence awareness and prevention. 

Dr. Heisterkamp is an active member of the Iowa Sexual Assault Strategic Planning Committee and is chairperson of IowaMAN - a state-wide men’s organization devoted to ending violence against women and girls.  Dr. Heisterkamp is an active board member of the United Way of Siouxland, Siouxland CARES, and the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation.  He also serves on the advisory boards of the Tri-State Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Institute for Character Education’s, Pursuing Victory with Honor initiative.

From 1985 to 2007, Dr. Heisterkamp served as a mathematics teacher, athletic coach, school counselor, and school administrator with the Sioux City Community School District and participated on state-level committees – the Iowa High School Athletic Association Rep Council and the Iowa Department of Education Accreditation Team.      

Alan Heisterkamp, Ed.D.
Director, Mentors in Violence Prevention Leadership Institute
Center for Violence Prevention