2020 Virtual MVP Student Leadership Summit

The Center for Violence Prevention is pleased to announce its 2020 Virtual MVP Student Leadership Summit, beginning on Thursday, November 12, 2020, and running through spring of 2021. The MVP Summit's on-demand format will allow MVP student mentors, teachers and staff sponsors, community partners and building leadership teams to continue to grow and learn from one another. The virtual MVP Summit will provide wonderful opportunities for student mentors from different schools all around the state to learn from and connect with local, state, national and international experts on topics such as leadership and communication, facilitation skills, recognizing and promoting healthy relationships, mental health and wellness, preventing cyberbullying, understanding and teaching the bystander approach to prevent bullying and gender violence and more!

Student mentors are the real heroes in delivering the MVP model. Without their passion, commitment and leadership our schools and communities would not be as safe and respectful as they are today. 

Thank you all for promoting personal responsibility and pro-social action as well all work to prevent harm and abuse in our homes, schools and communities.

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